The Best Multiplayer Typing Game

by admin on August 3, 2011

For multiplayer typing games, there isn’t too much to choose from, fortunately the ones that do exist are pretty nice. For example, one of the best is the above free typing game, Typow by OMGPOP.

You can either start a private match to invite your friends, or just press Play and let OMGPOP set you up with some strangers.

Once the game starts, you’re given a random paragraph and you need to type it as fast as you can. For each player in the match (up to 7), a unicorn representing you is in a field below the paragraph. They represent each players progress in the match. Chances are you’ll be more focused on typing until you get to the finish line though!

This game is sensitive to keyboards at the time of this writing. It was built for U.S. Keyboards, so if you’re using something else, it’s possible you may have to press an odd key to get a punctuation.

As the game progresses, it’ll be calculating an average Words Per Minute score. The game will also record your best Words Per Minute score per unique story.

The types of stories in the game vary. Many are small paragraphs from free books on the internet, while others are funny short stories or attempts at being educational. Some of the funnier paragraphs can get distracting by making you laugh while you’re trying to type. Tricky!

The best part of the game is just being able to play with your friends easily. It won’t track your stats if you’re not logged in, but even if you don’t sign up, you can still play just fine. Just get into a game lobby, and send your friends the link from your address bar. They’ll just jump into your game and start playing the next match.

Typow is missing sound effects and some much needed international key support, but other than that, it’s easily the best typing game on the Internet.

Other multiplayer typing games include Typing of the Dead for the PC which has LAN support. You can try playing that over the internet, but it will likely perform very poorly since it was not optimized for netplay. There’s also Type Racer which is a similar format to Typow, but with fewer bells and whistles.

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